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Skycan is engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in a UAV professional or technical field.

Specialized in solutions regarding the European UAV legislation for the specific and certified category. 


  • Complete ROTOR, FIXED WING and VTOL solutions.

  • Worldwide private and government solutions.

  • Safety operational coordination.

  • Organization of testflights, demo’s and events.

  • Professional advice for companies and operators regarding drone operations. 

Skycan outsources uav assigments with the best compatible companies in the fast growing dronesector. Skycan operates independently from drone manufacturers, operators and schools.
We are able to
 set up a team best suited for the task or advice you how to do this. Skycan has worldwide connections and can offer your necessary "all-in-one" UAV assessment.

Solutions examples: Airworthiness Assessments -  Education and Examination - Risk Assessment and Compliance Software - Consultancy - UTM system – Uspace advice - Geozone Management - operations validation - Real-time airspace automation -  SORA - Pro Risk Assessments – CONOPS - Advice – Security – Operational Contacts – Legislation - Unmand-In-flight communication with ATC - Advanced NOTAM parsing - Approving Operation Requests -Demo’s and Events for decisionmakers





Company name and registered office:

Imsky BV

Fr. Coeckelbergsstraat 25

2220 Heist-op-den-berg

Antwerp , Belgium

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